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Connor Murphy

Connor was born in 1998 in Los Angeles California and lived there for 9 years of his life until moving to Asheville NC in 2008. He has lived there since. After graduating preschool Connor has since been homeschooled. Connor has many interests such as music, art, video games and fashion. He… Read more

Quinn Foti

Quinn, born in the year of 1998, has lived his whole life thus far as an unschooler. He spent most of his childhood occupying his time with playing Pokemon and watching whatever cartoons happened to be on the tv. At around the age of 10, he went to the open… Read more

Liam Nilsen

Liam is the former director and current advisor-member at Endor, participating and advising but not running the show.  He grew up Unschooled in Northeastern United States and has been all about self-directed learning communities ever since.  Liam is a recognized Agile Learning Facilitator, and would love to talk to you about it. Recently… Read more

At an Endor ALC there are advisors, not teachers.  Advisors support participants by modeling the processes of self-direction, participating in working groups, teaching workshops, and working 1-on-1 with participants to reach their goals.

Interested in becoming an advisor at Endor?  Great!  Learn about joining our team here.


Photos by Noah Van Heukelom and Steve Cooperman.