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Our first Monday of 2015!

We kicked off the new semester with a bang! Exciting things are rolling in for 2015.


After our morning check-in and Community Mastery Meeting, we started the day with an overview of a potential new space in West Asheville.


We’ve yet to confirm a move, but are excited about the possibilities: this would allow us to be in close quarters and to collaborate with other community-oriented projects, like the Asheville Makers and the Asheville Tool Library. We’ll keep everyone updated!


We then took another try at getting the Raspberry Pi computer up and running, only to discover that the monitor we picked up from Goodwill was analog. Raspberry Pi is therefore back on hold; but we spent some time with logic puzzles from an LSAT (Law School Admission Test) book. and tackled this river crossing puzzle – http://robmathiowetz.com/ – which I highly recommend!


Most people then went to our weekly Ethics discussion, at which we talked about hypocrisy, racism, and concealing one’s gender.


We ended the day with a discussion about participant expectations.


We started this year without any participant expectations (other than, as someone pointed out, behavioral and community ones). While we use our Community Mastery Board to create and track progress on our shared values, we haven’t set any boundaries around work, academics, projects, or attendance.


The discussion went extremely well: participants discussed structures that would help them get what they want from the program, as well as ways to help new participants engage with the community, and for us to track and support each other’s progress. We’ll be continuing this discussion at our monthly Governance meeting this Wednesday.


Liam commented during our morning meeting that while our progress may sometimes feel slow, he feels that we’re going about things in the right way. I feel similarly — though creating things together takes more time than if we simply set rules — I believe that we’ll all be more engaged and fulfilled than if we had done otherwise.


Thanks all! Happy 2015!

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