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Week #51 2014

We kicked off this week with our Big Group Dinner on Sunday. It was a Thai vote for this dinner (originally just a tie between Indian and Thai, settled by flipping a coin) and we prepared two delicious dishes: cabbage stir fry and soggy noodles.

Monday kicked off with a participant-facilitated Community Mastery Meeting (lead by Tucker). We discussed using our community binder to archive things that have been in Mastery for at least a month. For example, entering the building and walking up the stairs quietly needed a lot of practice at the beginning of the semester, but we feel that after several months, we’ve mastered this! Archiving will help make space on the board for our more up-and-coming practices. We also decided to note in our community binder when an item reaches Mastery, and when we add or change the suggested actions for our awarenesses and practices.

We had two visitors from out-of-town on Monday: friends of Liam’s from Not Back to School Camp, who stayed only for a short part of the morning. We debriefed about our Big Group Dinner. Highlights include that we did a better job this time on managing the kitchen (there were not Too Many Cooks), and that next time, we want to plan the dinner further in advance, (in particular to pre-allocate the amount of stovetop and oven space available).

In Ethics we covered a breadth of topics, including free will, sexism, racism, and regressive vs. progressive welfare states. We also had a Happiness Meeting to discuss how we could be happier. Popular items included food, hiking, and laughter!

A few participants also walked around downtown Asheville to do some gift shopping.

On Wednesday we played around with our Makey Makey and made controllers for a drum pad. Some participants also made game controllers: Logan made a game controller glove, and Sam and Nolan made game controller pants. We watched videos of other maker and design projects, and were particularly impressed and excited by Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests. We made some progress on designing a class ring, which we would like to have 3D printed. We continued our Happiness Meeting since several of us hadn’t been there on Monday, added a few new items, and thought about how we could do the things that make us happy more often at Endor.

Friday featured a new game called Play 9 (a card game based on golf), brought in by Lake. We again experimented with some of our electronics, but had trouble setting up the Raspberry Pi. People were disappointed that we couldn’t get it working, but look forward to be able use and experiment with it in the future. We had a short discussion on how to manage our blog, and were already experimenting with taking notes during check-out and writing a summary blog post at the end of the week. This is our first blog post written using that system! If you’re reading this right now, feel free to let us know what you think, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the blog!

We had plans to decorate cookies in the afternoon, but our cookie baker was sick, so we used Art Jam to add cards to our Dixit game and took advantage of our projector to watch videos.

Overall, we had a relaxing end to the semester, and look forward to the New Year!

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