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Week #49 2014

(Dec 1 – Dec 5)


After our Changeup Meeting on Monday I taught a workshop on alternative banking methods.  We talked about how crowdfunding negates the risks of old fashioned loans and often creates a lot of opportunities that banks would not.  The site Patreon was a major focus, as it really seems to be the perfect website for Unschoolers and perhaps everyone in The New Age.  Patreon is much like crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but “Patrons” (people) subscribe to artists to support their work usually receiving something in return per month or automatic contribution.  My old friend Carsie who visited last week told me about it and how she has such a subscriber base that every time she writes a song she gets such-and-such a chunk of change, which turns the art of songwriting into a sustainable and consistent occupation.  Apparently one of the most successful Patreons makes $10,000 every time he publishes an a capela cover of a video game theme song.  Way to turn a weird skill into a career!


After Ethics, Sue came in to teach Facilitation Class.


At Math Jam we made a reference list of Math Jam recommended activities so as to streamline the process.


On Monday night we put on the Class Dismissed screening at the library with Steve Hargadon of the Learning Revolution.  It was a huge success!  About sixty people came out and we all had a good time.  Many felt that the film was a good introduction to Home/Unschooling, but almost everyone there had previous experience or exposure to the concepts.  We did have some good discussion afterward and many got to meet new people, so in all I’d say it was a huge success.  Steve did a great job facilitating the discussion and taking notes – the notes can be found here.


Everyone was really excited about putting on film screenings, so we reached out to Jeremy Seifert, director of Dive! a documentary about dumpster diving, to ideally put on a screening next month.


I put together a new facebook group for participants to discuss projects outside of Endor, since not everyone comes every day.


We held the first meeting of the Endor Internship Taskforce to set up a support network for getting internships for Ewoks.  We put together a great list of local businesses with something for everyone.  We’re collaborating on making an outreach-template letter before we meet up and take more steps next week.


We started putting together a pilot episode of our radio show-to-be, Ashlantis.  We broke into groups and recorded a media discussion roundtable, riddles on the street, and a telephone interview with local musician Dustin Goose.  Editing will be the biggest hurdle in the beginning – a job we started on Friday but will have to continue on Monday.


I think this’ll be the last weekly blog post for a while.  I find myself spending more office-work-able-time than I can afford writing these posts; I really want to prioritize LLC and other Endor administrative stuff for the time being.  I’ll still post about things that we do, but not in the day/week in review format.

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