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Week #48 2014

(Nov 24 – Nov 26)


We were only open Monday and Wednesday this week as TG was that Thursday.

After our Changeup Meeting which covered mostly community values, we took a drawing for Fairy God Parent which then started that day.


A few of use went to The Teachers Lounge, as we’re calling it now, and did some quiet work.  Rochelle and a few others designed a poster for the upcoming screening of Class Dismissed that we’re putting on at the Pack Library on Dec. 1st in collaboration with Steve Hargadon of The Learning Revolution.  Later the posters were printed out and we distributed them around town.


An old friend of mine, an adult Unschooler and attendee of Original Endor from all those years ago, came to visit all the way from Bermuda.  Signe is an accomplished photographer with work at the National Gallery in Bermuda.  (Unschooling works!)


We learned the Nato Phonetic Alphabet and tested each other on it.


On Wednesday we had another two adult-Unschooler-old-friends-of-mine visit, siblings Carsie and Elijah Blanton.  Carsie is a successful musician based in New Orleans (here‘s her website) and Elijah is finishing his last year at Antioch College where he studies political economy, recruits other Unschoolers to the school and participates in Antioch’s Community Council.  Signe visited today as well.


After check-ins Elijah taught a very stimulating workshop on political economy, talking much about how labor, technology, and products are what rule the human world.  He covered regressive v. progressive welfare states, union power, and much peoples’ history.  I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!


I held another meeting about the radio show we’re putting together – everyone was updated on what we’ve heard from the station.  We’ve got some great ideas.  I think it’ll turn into a really interesting show!


After lunch we visited the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center and saw their current Dan Rice exhibit.


  1. Nancy says:

    Love the write-ups and all the people you have connecting with the teens! If any of your unschooling friends ever want to visit us in Charlotte, please extend an invite 🙂

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