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Week #47 2014

What a week!


We started of course with the big group dinner on Sunday, separate post about that here.


At our Changeup Meeting (with the Community Mastery Board) this week we started keeping a log of things added and developed.  We talked about community values and how the CMB can be used to not just address issues, but also to pinpoint values we’d like to facilitate in our culture.  “Being welcoming” had already been added to the CMB, so to further that we decided to start sitting down in the morning check-in circle when we arrive so as to not make the sometimes-exclusive and nebulous floating circles that sometimes happen in the morning.  We added happiness as a community value and decided to play Fairy God Parent to further that.  FGP is a type of game where everyone puts their name in a hat, draws a name, and then proceeds to “fairy god parent” that person by being secretly and anonymously nice to that person by sending them treats through other people etc.


Ethics ran a little early so as to end at 13:00 to make room for Facilitation Class with Sue.  There had been a miscommunication so Facilitation Class didn’t end up happening but will be happening next week same time/place.  That opened a time slot that some filled staying a little longer at Dobra while some others played Intrigue, one of Ethan’s new games from Mad Sheep Games.


On Wednesday we visited the aSHEville Museum!  They had some great herstorical, cultural, and art exhibits.  I imagine we’ll visit again before too long.  It’s really great to be downtown and have resources like that so close by.

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Our friend adult Unschooler-Kimi Biegler came in to talk about her experience on Good Morning America and other places where Unschooling has been terribly portrayed by media (Dr. Phil, Wife Swap, People Magazine, etc – I’m not linking any of those).  We also talked about talking about Unschooling with people in general and the difficulties that sometimes come with that; the concept can be hard for people to understand.  Our conversation evolved quite a bit and I think all had a good time.  Also, here’s an example of an Unschooling being portrayed quite well by a mainstream media source, All Things Considered interview with Ben Hewitt.  It’s interesting to hear here the difference in tone in the interviewer’s voices, between the GMA and NPR interviews I mean.  It’s quite easy to see how big a role bias plays in journalism.


I think it will take some time before I get used to writing weekly posts; keeping it concise and posting punctually etc.  It’s already been good to have the extra time to work on LLC stuff and the website.

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