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Friday, November 14

Today I came in to find that Soleil and Cian had come in early and set up!  It was very nice to walk in and hear music playing and see everything ready for the day.


After check-in many of us got on Duolingo and started working on language stuff.  The internet was a bit slow, so it was a little bit frustrating for some.  The wifi router is in the apartment next door, but there’s a signal booster in the kitchen nook so a few of us gathered on the bar stools there and made a new kind of workspace.


At Art Jam today we worked on personal projects, discussed conceptual art, and rejected the idea of setting up guidelines for this jam like we’ve discussed doing for other jams.  We watched and discussed the recent video Too Many Cooks that aired on Adult Swim and briefly discussed its artistic merit.


We had  a final meeting about the big group dinner this Sunday, the 16th.  I really think it’s going to be fun!


Some folks also made a big fort.


A good quiet day.

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