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Wednesday, November 12

This morning we had a meeting about how we want to welcome new people to Endor, a sort of “welcoming committee.”  We added being welcoming to the Community Mastery Board (CMB) as a community value.  Now that we’re all a bit more comfortable with the process we can start using the CMB not just to address problems but also explicitly set values and then identify methods for developing those values.  More on this next week.


We held a kind of brainstorming session about setting up a radio show called Ewok HourI to ideally be broadcast on AshevilleFM community radio.  We came up with an hour long show that we’d fill with various segments including: interviews with participants; interview’s with local organizers/entrepreneurs etc.; book/movie reviews; local events; original music; call-ins; and more!  We filled out an inquiry form and expect to hear back from them next week.


Sue came in to teach her Leadership Class which next week will be morphing into a one-hour Facilitation Class on Mondays.

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