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Monday, November 10

Rochelle facilitated our Community Mastery Meeting this morning.  Once again it’s really great to see more engagement with the process.


Soleil held Math Jam at 10:15.  Later in the day we talked about setting up more thorough guidelines for work jams like this, because often times it’s easier to operate within a framework.


I finally got to a few one-on-one meetings today, which were both very productive!  I think these one-on-one check-ins with facilitators are great and will lead to everyone getting more out of Endor.


Quinn held Video Game Club at 11:00 while I held a reading of Blake Boles’ The Art of Self-Directed Learning.  We took turns going through and reading various chapters.  Here’s the link to get the free audiobook read by the author.

Video Game Club
We take turns reading chapters from The Art of Self-Directed Learning


Today I called and scheduled a visit to aSHEville Museum next Wednesday, the 19th.


At 12:00 we had Ethics at Dobra.  I personally hadn’t been in some time, so I really enjoyed it!  I’m glad we do it each week.

Ethics at Dobra


After Ethics we met again to finalize some plans for the big group dinner on Sunday.


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