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Friday, November 7

Our Arduino instructor, Avi, came in early and got to participate in our morning check-ins.  Right after that we got down to business and set up a laptops and started download the Arduino software.  This ended up taking some time and didn’t end up working at all on some machines, so we paired up.

Avi started out by explaining a bit about programming and having us all start with the very simple project of making a single LED on the Arduino board blink using what in programming is referred to as a loop.  Everyone got to play around with this for a while, and then it got much more complicated when we started using multiple loops and different values etc. it was incredibly exciting.  A lot of what we covered was C++ Coding, what the Arduino runs on.

We finished with a new sense of wonderment, I’d say!  We also bought an Arduino kit so that we can continue learning about it and ideally make a sign-in and sign-out system with it.


We held a meeting to plan our big group dinner next Sunday, the 16th.  It felt good to see a group project like this progressing!  The meeting was well attended and productive.


A prospective new student visited today, which at the end of the day led to a discussion about creating an Ewok-led welcoming committee, with someone suggesting a musical orientation!  I love the enthusiasm.  This committee will meet on Wednesday morning.

It’s really great to see everyone engaging more and more with the processes.


Today we also added Real Lives: Eleven Teenagers Who Don’t Go To School Tell Their Own Stories collected by Grace Llewellyn to our library.  This is a collection of essays written by adult Unschoolers, thought it would be an affirmative book to keep on our shelves.

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