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Wednesday, November 5

After check-in this morning I held a short introductory workshop on coding as somewhat of prerequisite for the Arduino workshop this Friday.  I was little prepared for this workshop, and it really seemed like most people had enough of a base knowledge already, so I really didn’t have much to offer.


Some folks played Set, which I’m really glad has taken a place of often-played-game.  Set is a really great game that trains peoples abilities of pattern recognition.  Here‘s a pretty simple how-to video about Set.


At Ewok Hour today Soleil hosted and ran a game of Mafia with Lake as “god,” or administrator, I suppose.  The Mafia won!


After lunch Sue came in and ran Leadership Class, they tell me they’re working on making a game.  Seems like a really great collaborative project.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the things people learn while working in groups on collaborative projects like this.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Connor, Sam, and I read over the rules of our good friend Ethan’s latest game, Conspiracy, and Emailed him our notes so that he could prepare for an upcoming indie board game convention.  Ethan is a brilliant teacher, mason, carpenter, writer, mathematician, Vermonter, etc. who I first met through NBTSC many years ago.  Ethan has designed several games, including Tryptic, Toxic Gnome, and Intrigue, (which we have at Endor), among others, and has Skyped-in to Endor before to talk Math.   His various writings, including game rules/instructions, are somewhat scattered around the internet, but he’s trying to consolidate it all on his website zemita.net.  This latest game, Conspiracy, has players create decks of real business cards to act as agents in a global conspiracy to take over the world, with different occupations using different powers, and various factors like phone numbers measuring strength.


Brenna, who came in and ran Clay Day last week, came to pickup the things we had made so that she could bring them to her studio and fire them.  Sam and I helped bring the pieces to her car, and on the way back we stopped at a few local businesses to collect business cards for our Conspiracy decks.


Turned out to be a pretty game themed day!  Which reminds me of the book Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse, which I’ve been meaning to get a house copy of and to perhaps do a bit of a project on Game Theory.  More on that later.


Today was our second day using binders.  I’m personally finding it very helpful to spend a few minutes journaling at the end of every Endor day.  In a few weeks we’ll revisit this and see how everyone else finds them working.

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