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The Art Of Self-Directed Learning

Yesterday arrived in the mail our new copy of good friend Blake Boles‘ new book The Art of Self-Directed Learning.  I look forward to seeing what he has to say in this book as he is a very motivated S.D. learner himself and one that comes at it from both an institutional and outside-of-the-box angle, something that I think many stubborn young Unschoolers can learn from – especially those perhaps adverse to guidebooks or anyone telling them what to do (like myself many moons ago).  Back in 2003 Blake was studying astrophysics at UC Berkley when he discovered Unschooling through the works of John Taylor Gatto and Grace Llewellyn and decided to switch over to a self-designed major in alternative education.  I remember once thinking that this was oxymoronic as “no one could possibly learn about self-directed learning in a school.”  This is a point of view that I have long since abandoned.  Now of course I think the processes of reflection and feedback that come much easier in an institutional setting are incredibly valuable and not mutually exclusive to being self-directed.  Coming from a schooled background and making the leap into Unschooling I think can lead to a perhaps even more powerful and methodical approach than those born into Unscooling as I was.


Blake and I have planned a skype-interview for early next month when all us Ewoks of Endor have had a chance to read the book and come up with a few questions for him.  Thanks, Blake!


The Art of Self-Directed Learning will be in our library Wednesday, November 5th.


The Art of Self-Directed Learning

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