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Monday, November 3

Here we are, month number two!

The first month went incredibly quickly, I’d say.


I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this morning to pass out during morning check-in.  We started using binders today, so when everyone had made their intention they wrote it down in their binder to help remember it throughout the day and to have a place to reflect at the end of the day in writing.  Everyone stashed their Kanban board in their binder and we discussed for a minute the purpose of having them.


Next up was our weekly Changeup Meeting, today facilitated by Quinn.  We realized that there was still a little bit of confusion around lunch, so lunchtime was added to the schedule board and we decided to try self-regulating for a week for those who want extra time for lunch.


Soleil hosted Math Jam this morning with a focus on Set.  At 11:00 I hosted another How to Read the Newspaper workshop.  Reading print newspapers I’ve always thought has an appeal as it’s much harder to target stories in print v. online, and people reading only articles targeted to them will quickly find themselves in a bubble.

After lunch Ethics at Dobra.  I was not there but I hear folks discussed nature v. nurture, intellectual property law, and helping people against their will.  Stimulating stuff.


Our friend Kimi dropped by for a visit and to discuss her upcoming workshop Unschooling and the Media which will be at 10:15, Monday Nov. 10th.


We worked more on designing student IDs today, lots of people had good input about the design.  Someone suggested adding barcodes and building an Arduino-barcode-scanner-sign-in-and-out machine!  Luckily Avi is coming in to teach us more about the Arduino on Friday so he can give us some tips then.

Ivy drafts student ID designs



Quinn held installment #1 of Videogame Club today.  I believe games and usernames we discussed.


At checkout today we all took four minutes to write about our respective days in our respective binders.  Once everyone had finished everyone talked a bit about what they had written down and whether or not and to what degree they had completed their intentions for the day.  I personally found it very helpful to summarize in writing what I had done.  It’s nice to see your accomplishments laid out in front of you.


Everyone writes a short reflective journal entry

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