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Friday, October 31

Halloween!  I can’t believe it, but Rochelle and I were the only people who showed up in costume.


After check-in this morning we had quiet work time in The Lounge, today’s focus was Language.  Most used Duolingo with the microphone function turned off, and others read quietly.  After about forty minutes the interned shut down so we had to stop.


At 11:00 we had Art Jam.   We explored the medium of sticky notes as art.  Warming up we went around and took turns suggesting quick sketches that were then grouped together on the window.  After that we tried writing stories on sticky notes, it got very interesting.  Each person started by writing a note.  Once the note was finished it was passed to the person on the left who then read that note and wrote a new note that continues the story and stuck it to the bottom.  And repeat.  We got some very interesting stories!  And it was great to see the creativity that came up of the exercise.  When folks left for lunch many brought the stories with them and posted them around town.

Art Jammers art jamming.
Themed sketches in groupings.


After lunch Sam put together a game of Pictionary.  It’s really great to see group dynamics being built by things like this, and to see people bringing in activities and taking responsibility for running them.  It was a good Friday event.



At the end of the day I held a brief workshop on how to read the newspaper.  We have a subscription to The New York Times that I feel is underutilized at this point, so I’ll hold a part two sometime next week.  I remember reading the paper with a cop of coffee every morning being an integral part of my unschool experience growing up, so that’s the kind of thing that I want to share on a personal level.  I also professionally think it’s a good idea to encourage people to make themselves an informed public.


Well there it is, one month down.  I really think we’re on the right track and that we’ve made great progress.  At these early stages our big group project is perfecting the system in which we operate, and that process will go on forever, but going forward (and already now) we’ll start seeing more of the fruits of the process.  It’s an exciting time!

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